Who we are

We’re the tech team at Buyapowa, a marketing tech firm from London. We are now a fully distributed team so have team mates working remotely across Europe and also Vancouver. Our move to 100% remote working at the start of the pandemic was smooth, as the tech team were already set up for fully distributed working environments for 20% of their time. We’ve since improved in policy and practice for work life balance and asynchronous working.

The core of the tech teams values are:

  • Test first as a standard
  • Continuous improvement
  • We build it we run it
  • Right tech for the right problems
  • Solving customer problems first
  • Sustainable pace

We’re hitting the next phase in our growth and so we’re hiring in a number of roles, to take our product and scale to the next level.

The Role

As a senior full stack developer you will join the team responsible for the core development of our platform services. These are high scale monolith projects and microservices that make up and back the Buyapowa platform.

This mix is a result of our right tool for the job value, meaning you won’t find yourself rewriting a hundred slightly different micro services, but you will find yourself carving off neat reusable responsibilities from projects to make scalability gains.

Our tech stack is primarily Ruby / Rails, Postgres, Reddis, and React for frontends. Standard stuff. We leverage both Heroku and lower level AWS services through Terraform to bring our platform to enterprise level clients with high security and scale requirements.

We also have a small number of services built in Elixir, and AWS Lambda services running Go.

You will be expected to:

  • Design solutions from the ground up
  • TDD all of your code
  • Review code from other members of your team
  • Pair with other members of your team
  • Troubleshoot
  • Take full responsibility for stories from inception to delivery
  • Work closely with Product managers and company wide stakeholders
  • Help your teammates improve in their skills and knowledge
  • Be part of a diverse team to see how diversity leads to high performing teams

You have

  • TDD as a standard for all of your work
  • > 5 years Ruby and Rails experience
  • Javascript (ES6 and Typescript) experience
  • Proficiency with Git source control
  • Strong HTML and CSS ability
  • Good communication skills in written, verbal, and code
  • We’ll give you the opportunity to
  • Use a variety of technologies
  • Bring new suggestions to the table for evaluation and experimentation
  • Deliver business value to end users with cycle times measured in days and weeks, not months and quarters
  • Work at a sustainable pace so you can enjoy your productivity

We’ll help you

  • Ensure your work is challenging
  • Grow you to the next stage of your career
  • Impact the business in a meaningful way
  • Develop skills outside of pure tech
  • Fund your learning with time and money
  • Give you the space to concentrate AND make sure you don’t feel isolated

Benefits working at Buyapowa

Learning & development. We’ll give you the opportunity to learn, including a personal learning budget for your professional growth.

Ownership. We’ve got big plans and we want you to share in the upside. That’s why you’ll get to participate in a generous equity incentive plan.

Wellbeing. We’re looking forward to seeing you grow in your professional life, but we also care about your wellbeing. That’s why you’ll receive an annual wellness budget, to spend just on you - no questions asked.

Work / life balance. Taking a break is super important to all of us. In fact, it’s something that’s gently encouraged, coaxed and nudged on a regular basis.

WFH Support. Our ethos is to prioritise the distributed team. While we have hubs and we love getting together, our priority is to invest in getting you set up to work remotely so you can collaborate with ease. So, whatever you need to be amazing, it’s on us..

Family life. Being part of the Buyapowa family is important to us, but we know you have a life outside of our team, too. Whatever family / home life looks like to you, we offer flexible working.