Dear new Junior Content Manager

It’s funny to think you’re reading this, even though we haven’t actually met yet. But, given that you’re the Content Manager who’s going to take our amazing business to the next level, we just wanted to say hi. Leanne, our Head of Content Management is especially excited to meet you - first because she’s great and a pleasure to work with but, secondly, because she knows just how fascinating a time this is to be joining Buyapowa, as we enter our biggest ever period of worldwide growth.

So, welcome to Buyapowa, new junior Content Manager. We can’t wait for you to start.


Traditional marketing is dead. That's why we're building what comes next - a whole new channel to attract and acquire customers that reflects the way that people discover, fall in love and shop with today's leading brands.

We're thrilled that more and more clients including T-Mobile, Vodafone, EDF, Vitality, Engie, and L'Oréal are joining Buyapowa on this adventure, each and every day. But, cards on the table, when we started out over 10 years ago, we had no idea we'd become the global leader in what we do. And, while we've got huge plans for the years ahead, we're just as excited by the unknown future as we are by the storied past.

We love new people, new ideas, new skills, new angles, new problems and new solutions. That's why we're not going to say something dumb like: "The ideal candidate went to this school, worked at that business and has this personality, that skillset and these boxes checked on their resume". If we knew exactly what we wanted, we wouldn't need you. So come show us what we're missing.

We think these things are pretty obvious, but we're a bit grossed-out that no one else is really saying them:

  1. No one wants to be compelled to commute into an office anymore. That's why, while Buyapowa has offices around the world (and we love getting together face-to-face), we're fully committed to the virtual workspace, and we're delighted that our team gets to work wherever in the world they call home.
  2. No one's worked at Buyapowa until they work at Buyapowa. So, while we value experience, we know that the greatest experience you can have is the experience you'll gain once you start working with us.
  3. No one stops being talented just because they're in their 50s or 60s. We love fresh ideas, but we don't have a weird youth fetish like some other employers.
  4. That said, Mozart was composing classics when he was only five years old. So, if you're just starting out on your journey, that's amazing too.
  5. Apparently, the average person changes career 5-7 times over the course of their working life. Between you and us, we think that might be BS, but either way: we don't care if this is your first and only career or you're embarking on change number 5, 6 or 7. If you've got the talent, we want you.
  6. We actively celebrate all forms of diversity, and we'll love the way you look, the things you believe in, the life you live and the people you love.

So, that's us. We love building the future and we love the people we're building the future with. If you're the future-building kind, and you've got the smarts to back it up, the job's already yours.


As a key member of the Content team at Buyapowa, this role is central to designing, building, and deploying the content, copy, and design elements of client programs.

The focus of this role is to further the company-wide objective of implementing high-quality client programs that are positioned for success from initial launch. In addition, this role will perform similar functions for existing programs that need to be modified or enhanced.

This is the perfect time to join the Buyapowa team. Market growth is gaining fantastic momentum and the portfolio of large clients continues to grow each month. We’re also launching exciting new complimentary solutions in 2023.


  • Coordinating with clients to prepare the content-collection process. Ensuring that the client is clear on what copy and imagery we require from them.
  • Using our content management system to create new programs and build the user journey, including all content and design elements.
  • Reviewing and understanding client brand guidelines to ensure our program design is compliant.
  • Analysing client programs to ensure best practices are being adhered to from the standpoint of design, content, proposition, and overall experience.
  • Coordinating the collection of translations for multilingual programs.
  • Helping enhance and further develop our content management tools and processes.
  • Supporting the development of best practice guidelines and instructions to reduce the rounds of content edits.


  • Highly detail oriented
  • Sophisticated in written and spoken English
  • Strong time management and prioritization skills
  • Strong with time management and self motivation, with the ability to escalate and seek help when necessary
  • Genuine “hands on” attitude, loads of initiative, happy to embrace the often-unstructured environment of a start-up
  • Highly self-motivated and proactive
  • Able to work from a home office environment


  • Formal training or work experience in writing, User Experience, graphic design, or digital marketing
  • Proficiency in languages other than English, such as French or Spanish


  • Learning & development. We’ll give you the opportunity to learn, including a personal learning budget for your professional growth.
  • Ownership. We’ve got big plans and we want you to share in the upside. That’s why you’ll get to participate in a generous equity incentive plan.
  • Wellbeing. We’re looking forward to seeing you grow in your professional life, but we also care about your wellbeing. That’s why you’ll receive an annual wellness budget, to spend just on you - no questions asked.
  • Work / life balance. Taking a break is super important to all of us. In fact, it’s something that’s gently encouraged, coaxed and nudged on a regular basis.
  • Remote-work ready. Our ethos is to prioritise remote working. While we have hubs and we love getting together, our priority is to invest in getting you set up to work remotely. So, whatever you need to be amazing, it’s on us.
  • Family life. Being part of the Buyapowa family is important to us, but we know you have a life outside of our team, too. Whatever family / home life looks like to you, we offer flexible working.